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Amnesty: Group calls on FG’s intervention over crisis



Niger delta group under the auspices, Niger Delta Amnesty Vendors Association, NDAV has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to end the looming crisis within the region.

In a communiqué signed by its President, Comrade Tari Okosi, over the weekend, the group berated the antagonistic protest by a section of the NDAV along the along the East-West road in Bayelsa state, which called for the sack of coordinator, Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, Prof. Charles Dokubo, stating that it was uncalled for and lacks clear cut reasons.

Comrade Okosi who added that Prof Dokubo who has just assumed office, was an indication of the federal government commitment to sustained peace in the region, stressed that the group was disappointed with the recent agitations from mischief makers against the good leadership of Prof. Dokubo.

He stated that the amnesty programme was instituted by the President Musa Yar’ Adua led government as a panacea to the challenges being faced in the Niger Delta region which has been sustained by President Buhari, adding that Prof. Dokubo’s leadership of the amnesty programme has been one of exemplary role as an erudite scholar of the course of the Niger Delta struggle, and a bridge builder for the growth of the area for the development of the country’s economic main stay.

“The task of sustainable peace and development in the region should not be compromised for personal greed, and politics of sentiments.

“Our attention has however been drawn to the recent protest along the Bayelsa state section of the East-West road calling on the president to sack Prof. Charles Dokubo for some frivolous reasons that even they, the protesters are still at a loss at how to properly convey and some other faceless petitioners who have persisted with petitions that started a month into the tenure.

“We all are aware of these mischief makers and their baseless allegations aimed at denting the image of a hardworking man, destabilizing the rhythm we now have, and in effect influencing another sad failure of the programme.

Outlining some of the achievement of the current leadership of the NDAP, Okosi said amongst other blueprints:

“The Amnesty Programme under Professor Charles Dokubo has made tremendous efforts in sustaining this peace by reaching out to various stakeholders of the program.

“It has systematically positioned the administrative system of the office to allow every of its layers of governance function effectively, particularly departmental staffs carrying out official duties professionally and ethically.

“Prompt payment of delegate stipend and management of fund in ensuring prompt, transparent and equitable funding of contracts,

emphasis on domesticated professional Technical training with proper institutionalized certification after every vocational Training in order to increase our local capacity within the region.

“Also, Immediate funding of contractor that had brought about After resumption of office on the 13th of March 2018, he, as a matter of urgency established a Job Placement and Engagement Department to collaborate with the already existing Post-training and Empowerment units under the Reintegration Department of the office, the Niger Delta Indigenous Artisan Association with several other direct labor engaging professional associations to ensure proper prequalification training and on the job placement of over 100 backlogged delegates who had been trained and left idle since 2010.

“Professor Dokubo also pushed the administration of the programme closer to the people by establishing State Liaison Offices of the programme to enable people have access. This has in turn created new jobs for those who manage the offices.”

He said Prof. Dokubo should be left undistracted in order to effectively focus on his duty for the sustenance of peace and development of the region, also calling on both President Buhari and the National Assembly to address the looming crisis the second section of road construction in Bayelsa where many lives have been lost, the hitches surrounding the disbursement of funds to the amnesty office, as well as redress the policy framework governing the operations of the Niger Delta Interventionist agencies such as the NDDC and the Ogoni clean-up exercise for the realization of the desires of the people of the community.

“Our position is that Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo should not be distracted from carrying out his official duties to reposition the Amnesty Program.

“We therefore urge all stakeholders of the region and beneficiaries of the program to support the good work of Mr President through the office of his special adviser on Niger Delta Affairs and coordinator of the Amnesty programe.

“We passionately appeal to the leadership of President MuhamaduBuhari (GCFR) to address the bottlenecks surrounding the disbursement of funds to the Amnesty office and also consider increasing the Budget for the office.

“The National Assembly should as a matter of urgency readdress the policy framework governing the operations of other Niger delta interventionist agencies such as the NDDC and the ministry of Niger Delta to adequately address the immediate need of the people.


Bauchi Assembly passes bill for the management of its funds and two others bills



The Bauchi State House of Assembly has passed the bill in to law for the management of its funds.

The Chairman House finance Committee Mr Abdullahi Abubakar disclosed this in an interview with Newsmen in Bauchi on friday.

“After a clause-to-clause consideration of the bill, the Speaker, Mr.Kawuwa Shehu Damina invited the Clerk of the House, to read the bill for the third time signifying its passage,” he said

He said the bill was signed in to law at a plenary session on Wednesday to provide the management of funds accruing to the Bauchi state House of Assembly from the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) of the state.

“In order to ensure accountability, transparency, effective and efficient utilisation of the fund,” Abubakar said
He stated that the bill will give effect to the forth alteration bill to the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria that provided for the autonomy of the state Assembly and judiciary.

Abubakar explained that the bill would ensured that any amount standing to the credit of the legislature in the CRF of the state will be paid directly to the statutory account of the legislature where monies received from CRF will be deposited.

He said that the causes contained in the bill are sufficiently enough to provide modalities for the smooth, effective and efficient implementation of financial autonomy in the house.

Meanwhile the house pass other 2 bills which pass the third reading at plenary on Thursday.

The speaker Mr Damina mentioned tha the bills for a law to establish the Bauchi state Market Advisory Council and for connected purposes.

“The second one is a bill for a law to harmonize the activities of development partners in the state, to provide for the establishment of directorate in planning commission for administration of donor partners support.

The speaker Damina after house deliberations then ordered the Clerk to the house to read the bill for the third time signifying its passage.

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‎NGO trains 1000 vulnerable women, PLWHA on skills acquisition in Bauchi



A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Bauchi Rahma Women Development Programme has trained 1000 vulnerable women and persons living with HIV/AIDS on various skills acquisitions.

Mrs Miriam Iliya the Executive Director Rahma Women Development made this known at the inauguration of Board of trustees in Bauchi on Friday.

“We embarked on the trainings in collaboration with the support of some international partners, the training was conducted within the period of nine months.

“The NGO was committed to make the trainees to become employers of labour in the future and be self reliance.

“The beneficiaries includes the People Living with HIV/AIDs and other vulnerable women whom were trained on different skills acquisitions such as Tailoring, Knitting, Barbing, Hair dressing saloon, Pomade and soap making and baking.

“We also give counselling to (PLWHA) to let them know that being positive is not the end of their lives and also disabuse their mind on the stereotype,”she said.

She however reminded the newly inaugurated board members that they are the custodians of the NGO and always to ensure right things goes in the right direction.

Earlier speaking the the Chairman Board of Directors Rahma Women Development Alhaji Bello Inuwa said the NGO had implemented several projects through international partners in various sectors that impact positively to the lives of people of Bauchi state.

“We carry out interventions in different various sectors such as health, education, water sanitation and hygiene, and micro finance credit facilities to women,” he said

Bello urged government at all levels to support local NGOs to improve the lives of the citizens: nothing that is only the NGOs that interact much with the grass roots people for implementation of projects.

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School teacher assaulted, manhandled by officers at Mabushi station



A serving teacher with Dominion International School, Jabi, Abuja, Iorember Doolumun, recently reported that he was maimed by two men of the police force from Surveillance Unit, Mabushi Divisional Police Station while having breakfast in Gishiri Village.

Mr. Doolumun who revealed that he was still in a devastated mood, told journalist that he had only gone for a tea break in Gishiri Village when two armed men stormed the spot to order everyone to lie flat on the floor but despite his decent quest to ascertain the reason for such an assaultive invasion, he got loads of slaps and kick boots from the officers, who told him he was speaking too much grammar, noting that they were also graduates, before conveying him to the Gishiiri Police station in hand cuffs, to get two more slaps for explaining that he had asked a simple civil question.

He further disclosed that he was forced to append to a statement titled, ‘An assault on a police officer’, after which a fine of N10, 000 was paid by friends as ransome for his release, as he cautioned the federal government to quiz the status of such security men for the future of Nigeria, mostly as the 2019 elections are around the corner. He said:

“I went out to eat that morning at a spot in Gishiri village and it was barely minutes when I entered the place that two policemen from Surveillance Unit at Mabushi Divisional Police station invaded the restaurant and ordered everyone to lie flat on the floor.

“I politely asked why they had to assault innocent citizens but in response, they pounced on me with slaps on my ears and kickings all over, telling me they were also graduates before conveying me to the station, where the officer in-charge gave me two more slaps, saying I had assaulted police officers on duty.

“I was forced to write and sign a statement titled, ‘An assault on police officer’, before I was released on bail after payment of a N10, 000 as fine, and I can barely hear well with my ears even as I speak to you, and my limbs are even swollen from the battering.

“It’s very worrisome to think that these are the same supposed custodians of peace in the country and will be the ones to be used as security in the forthcoming elections.

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