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Amnesty: Group calls on FG’s intervention over crisis



Niger delta group under the auspices, Niger Delta Amnesty Vendors Association, NDAV has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to end the looming crisis within the region.

In a communiqué signed by its President, Comrade Tari Okosi, over the weekend, the group berated the antagonistic protest by a section of the NDAV along the along the East-West road in Bayelsa state, which called for the sack of coordinator, Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, Prof. Charles Dokubo, stating that it was uncalled for and lacks clear cut reasons.

Comrade Okosi who added that Prof Dokubo who has just assumed office, was an indication of the federal government commitment to sustained peace in the region, stressed that the group was disappointed with the recent agitations from mischief makers against the good leadership of Prof. Dokubo.

He stated that the amnesty programme was instituted by the President Musa Yar’ Adua led government as a panacea to the challenges being faced in the Niger Delta region which has been sustained by President Buhari, adding that Prof. Dokubo’s leadership of the amnesty programme has been one of exemplary role as an erudite scholar of the course of the Niger Delta struggle, and a bridge builder for the growth of the area for the development of the country’s economic main stay.

“The task of sustainable peace and development in the region should not be compromised for personal greed, and politics of sentiments.

“Our attention has however been drawn to the recent protest along the Bayelsa state section of the East-West road calling on the president to sack Prof. Charles Dokubo for some frivolous reasons that even they, the protesters are still at a loss at how to properly convey and some other faceless petitioners who have persisted with petitions that started a month into the tenure.

“We all are aware of these mischief makers and their baseless allegations aimed at denting the image of a hardworking man, destabilizing the rhythm we now have, and in effect influencing another sad failure of the programme.

Outlining some of the achievement of the current leadership of the NDAP, Okosi said amongst other blueprints:

“The Amnesty Programme under Professor Charles Dokubo has made tremendous efforts in sustaining this peace by reaching out to various stakeholders of the program.

“It has systematically positioned the administrative system of the office to allow every of its layers of governance function effectively, particularly departmental staffs carrying out official duties professionally and ethically.

“Prompt payment of delegate stipend and management of fund in ensuring prompt, transparent and equitable funding of contracts,

emphasis on domesticated professional Technical training with proper institutionalized certification after every vocational Training in order to increase our local capacity within the region.

“Also, Immediate funding of contractor that had brought about After resumption of office on the 13th of March 2018, he, as a matter of urgency established a Job Placement and Engagement Department to collaborate with the already existing Post-training and Empowerment units under the Reintegration Department of the office, the Niger Delta Indigenous Artisan Association with several other direct labor engaging professional associations to ensure proper prequalification training and on the job placement of over 100 backlogged delegates who had been trained and left idle since 2010.

“Professor Dokubo also pushed the administration of the programme closer to the people by establishing State Liaison Offices of the programme to enable people have access. This has in turn created new jobs for those who manage the offices.”

He said Prof. Dokubo should be left undistracted in order to effectively focus on his duty for the sustenance of peace and development of the region, also calling on both President Buhari and the National Assembly to address the looming crisis the second section of road construction in Bayelsa where many lives have been lost, the hitches surrounding the disbursement of funds to the amnesty office, as well as redress the policy framework governing the operations of the Niger Delta Interventionist agencies such as the NDDC and the Ogoni clean-up exercise for the realization of the desires of the people of the community.

“Our position is that Prof. Charles Quaker Dokubo should not be distracted from carrying out his official duties to reposition the Amnesty Program.

“We therefore urge all stakeholders of the region and beneficiaries of the program to support the good work of Mr President through the office of his special adviser on Niger Delta Affairs and coordinator of the Amnesty programe.

“We passionately appeal to the leadership of President MuhamaduBuhari (GCFR) to address the bottlenecks surrounding the disbursement of funds to the Amnesty office and also consider increasing the Budget for the office.

“The National Assembly should as a matter of urgency readdress the policy framework governing the operations of other Niger delta interventionist agencies such as the NDDC and the ministry of Niger Delta to adequately address the immediate need of the people.

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Group calls on govt to quell Nigeria’s Crisis



Human rights Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO, known as Association of Youths for Justice and Equal Rights, AYJER, has called on government at all levels to quell the current looming crisis in the country.

In a press statement, Chairman of AYJER from USA, Mr. Julius Gbolahan Motajo, who reiterated that the current state of Nigeria’s polity, condemned the gross ineptitude and misconduct shown by the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, during the recent Osun guber elections, which he described as threat to democracy as it was characterized by violence perpetrated and malpractices of vote buying by politicians under the supervision of an electoral umpire that is expected to conduct free and fair elections.

He charged for an enabling voting atmosphere for eligible Nigerians who have attained the universal suffrage age of 18, also urging the youths to be resilient in their mandates of selecting credible candidates of their choices.

Mr. Motajo also called on for government’s intervention on security, through the enforcement of patriotic security agencies that would ensure the safety of Nigerians, mostly those in the north east/north central zones, urging them to beef up the security apparatuses to quell the onslaught of insurgency meted on innocent citizens, as he made reference to a recent case of massacre that took place in Jos, plateau state, where a family of nine were gruesomely murdered.

“During the just concluded osun state Governorship election, having denounced the activities of the INEC, and the intimidation meted on the electorate does not portray the electorate umpires in conducting a free and fair election.

“This organization reiterated that the recent political landscape is blowing an ill wind that is capable of disturbing the tents of Democracy.

“In Nigeria it is time to provide conducive atmosphere for those that had attained the age of 18, and above to confidently cast their vote for candidates of their choice. We call on all eligible voters especially the youths to be steadfast and ensure that they vote for the party that will deliver the dividends of Democracy to its citizens.

“It is no doubt that we vehemently condemned any party leader that is involved in the selling of the highest bidder of vote, this singular act does not encourage growth and development in the community.

“The media had been awash with snatching of ballot boxes, and shooting of gun at the polling stations by scaring the electorate is not healthy for our democracy.

“We urge the Government of the day to mobilize the law enforcement agencies to arrest culprits and bandits that go to polling stations to disorganised the polling state that sometimes culminate to stampede and stress.

“Government needs to send a large number of our law enforcement agencies to the crisis torn states to forestall and quell the insurgencies. Security apparatuses should be impartial in the discharge of their duties, rather than taking side on the part of the ruling party.

“The carnage for the herdsmen and farmers dual had caused untold hardship to the people of the Northeast, northwest and the north central. Only recently a family of about nine members were murdered in cold blood in plateau.” Motajo said.

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Alleged corruption allegations: Oracle Magazine withdraws suits against Aiteo Group



…Commends Benedict Peter’s patriotism

The management of National Oracle Magazine said it has withdrawn suits filled against a foremost indigenous crude oil exploration company, the Aiteo group, compelling some government agencies to disclose all information and documents pertaining the business activities of organization.

The media house had sought an Order of Mandamus from the Federal High Court, Abuja to compel the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) and Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) to release some vital information and documents pertaining the business activities of Aiteo Group.

But in a statement signed Saturday in Abuja, the Editor-in-Chief, National Oracle Magazine, Dr. Blessing Agbomhere, said his media organisation has discovered that “the corruption allegationsallegations leveled against Aiteo is an alarmist hoax being peddled by a pocket of individuals with vested interest to wear Aiteo Group and its promoters a black garment before the Nigerian and British governments.”

Dr. Blessing Agbomhere, who is also the Executive Secretary, Gatekeepers Foundation, while commending the promoter of Aiteo group, Benedict Peters, said investigations revealed that Aito group and it promoters have been in the petroleum business since year 2000, and about same time have invested billions of Naira, though borrowed, into the Nigerian oil sector.

While calling on Nigerian government to give the indigenous oil company all the necessary support, the statement said that “In furtherance of its investigation, National Oracle Magazine has discovered conspiracy by highly placed individuals against Aiteo Group and its promoters. All corrupt allegations against Aiteo is an alarmist hoax being peddled by a pocket of individuals with vested interest to wear Aiteo Group and its promoters a black garment before the Nigerian and British governments.

“National Oracle Magazine investigation reveals that the Aiteo Group and its promoters have been in the petroleum business about the year 2000, and about same time have invested billions of naira, though borrowed, into the Nigerian oil sector. What Aiteo Group has achieved today is a result of hard work, business intelligence and commitment to growing the Nigerian economy.

“Aiteo Group, an indigenous company, has contributed immensely to the development of the Nigerian oil and gas sector; empowering Nigerians in so many aspects of life. Rather than allowing individuals no matter how highly place to orchestrate clandestine plots to bring down Aiteo Group and its promoters, the Nigerian government must give Aiteo Group the needed support to continue to grow as Nigerians and the Nigerian government are the biggest beneficiaries of Aiteo’s growth.”

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International Road Transport Organisation (IRU) Media Prize awarded to journalist Mike King from Breakbulk, USA



Mike King is a multi-award-winning journalist, as well as a shipping and logistics consultant

International Road Transport Organisation (IRU), the world road transport organisation today announces the winner of the 2018 IRU Media Prize on the future of transport and trade.

The IRU Media Prize celebrates the significant contribution of journalists to current debate within the transport sector, and coincides with the upcoming IRU World Congress in Oman, 6-8 November 2018, the new global event for road transport, mobility and logistics.

Mike King (@Break_Bulk) is a multi-award-winning journalist, as well as a shipping and logistics consultant. His piece, entitled “Trouble with Truckers” , addresses issues such as driver shortage and new opportunities for transport through e-commerce.

IRU received entries from across the world, signifying a strong interest in the industry among journalists. Mike King’s entry was one of three shortlisted. The other two finalists were Ilker Altun from Kargo Haber and Jonathan Andrews from Cities Today.

“I am looking forward to personally congratulating Mike in Oman at the IRU World Congress, where we will recognise his and the media’s important work to push debate around the critical issues for the road transport industry – and beyond,” said IRU Secretary General, Umberto de Pretto.

The competition was open to journalists from international and regional media who published or broadcast original reports. Articles or broadcasts were submitted in English or Arabic, with eligible works published between 19 June and 10 October 2018. Stories were judged on content, writing, analysis, creativity, human interest and clear reporting.

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