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Leah Sharibu, Dapchi Five and Ransom Scam By Ann Mcgregor,



An expert in global security and intelligence.
Buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in the Sahel, these young girls’ memories would only remain on the psyche of their parents; there wasn’t any enquiry or effort from the government to ascertain the location of their bodies
In the sandy grounds of the Sahara Salient, at an unknown distance from the remote village of Dapchi lie in unmarked graves, the bodies of five girls. No epitaph.
The Sahel is hyper-arid with sparse vegetation, grassland, and desert shrub where moisture collects.
Many sand seas and dunes field spiced with drought tolerant trees.
A convoy of 4×4 trucks of ISWAP (Islamic State in West African Province) Barnawi faction was on rampage in the early evening of 19th February 2018.
Young girls of a government secondary school were abducted and transported into the unknown. Muslims and Christians students were collective victims of Boko Haram madness.
Leah is a witness and still a victim of the tragedy that befell her mates and friends. Full of innocence they all had dreams to go to school. “I want to be a doctor,” Falmata always enthused.
In the dormitories or the refectory, they bonded by the common fraternity of youth and humanity.
Fatsuma Abubakar Jambo, 16 years; Falmata Mohammed, 14 years; Falmata Alhaji Inuwa, 16 years; Maimuna Adamu, 14 years; and Aisha Abubakar 15 years, all muslims, perished due heart attack and stress caused by the trauma of the abduction.
Their names were hidden and not mentioned when the girls were released and their fate was only explained by government spokespersons with brief and vague statements that they died of “shock”.
Buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in the Sahel, these young girls’ memories would only remain on the psyche of their parents; there wasn’t any enquiry or effort from the government to ascertain the location of their bodies.
Their parents, traumatized, were abandoned and no effort was made by the government to safeguard their emotional or psychological well being. The only Christian girl, Leah Sharibu, spent her 14th birthday in the custody of Boko Haram militants yet once again the government was loudly silent.
Ride it out politics I will call it. Nigerian government rode out the public outrage of the Dapchi kidnappings, the fleeting mention of the five dead girls barely at the beginning of their teens, the payment of ransoms and release of terrorists commanders. Husseini Maitangaran and Shuibu Moni who later led deadly Easter attack in Maiduguri.
Did the Chibok and Dapchi counters not fall silent or did the ink clocks and timers on the front pages of international media and social media accounts run out of batteries? The chicken has now come home to roost.
A detailed report released by foreign investigators cataloguing the subterfuge, connivance and dirty deals involving millions of euros linked to Mr Lawal Daura, Nigeria’s head of Department of State Services.
The proceeds stashed at Lamda Privat Bank in the Swiss-German principality, Liechtenstein, were alleged to have been siphoned by Daura through his accomplices from the funds meant for the ransom payments during the negotiations with Boko Haram insurgents for the release of Chibok and Dapchi girls.
The expose connected Daura, a Nigerian with Niger Republic dual nationality; and Pascal Holliger, a Swiss with dual nationality, Brazilian; David Kalu Otto, Nigerian/British citizen; Ian Gaylard, British; and Amit Sade, an Israeli with dual German nationality. The investigation involved millions euros fritted away during the hostage negotiation process using David Otto’s Company, TGS Intelligence Consultants Limited. All the companies that will be mentioned below were involved in the negotiations for the release of Chibok and Dapchi girls in conjunction with the Swiss Government.
They are namely TGS Security and Intelligence Consultants, Global Risk International and Doiyatech Communications Limited/Secindef. Doiyatech is a conglomerate of seven companies in which Yayale Ahmed holds a major interest and is a facilitator. There had also been periodic interventions made for and on behalf of Sade by Yayale to Daura.
Consequently Israeli police launched an investigation and subsequently arrested Sade and others on account of bribery and corrupting foreign government officials, in which Daura’s name is featured prominently.
Holliger, Otto, Gaylard and Sade have all in one way or another been associated with the Companies mentioned either directly as Directors or by proxy. Otto left TGS and became a director at International Risk Group before finally joining SECINDEF. A similar pattern can also be ascertained with Gaylard who left International Risk Group to join TGS before finally anchoring at SECINDEF. Mr Sade is the bonafide owner of SECINDEF.
The phoney firm TGS was dissolved in the UK company register. A Corporate search of TGS Intelligence Consult shows that the company name in UK was registered as company no. 0941752X. It was incorporated on 2nd February, 2015 with £100 and had registered address 181 Waveney Drive Chelmsfort Essex CM17QD England. The company was dissolved on 19th July 2016 surprisingly the company was contracted by Daura to teach and simulate “Driving Techniques,” ranging from rescue, evacuation and recovery to the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC Nigeria personnel in 2016.
The World Street Journal, in a detailed report on the negotiation published December 24, 2017, that €1 million euros was paid for the 21 hostages first freed, an additional €2 million euros accompanied the five Boko Haram commanders that were exchanged with the next batch of 82 girls.
While there were no official details of the amounts paid for the release of the Dapchi girls on March 21 this year, and the government insisting that no ransom was paid, sources within DSS said that millions of euros exchanged hands between Mr Daura and Boko Haram insurgents.
Pascal Holliger and David Otto facilitated the opening of corporate account ROXDUL AUTOMOBILE SERVICES -GmbH account no. 32570021 with Lamda Privat bank Liechtenstein, under the pseudonym AUWALU KALLAMU as the sole signatory. Auwalu and Kallamu are the Arabic synonyms of Lawal and Musa. False declaration of identity of a commercial entity was another trigger for the investigation as the account was opened using Niger Republic passport.
This might not be the first high profile Nigerian case of false declaration of identity. In Liechtenstein Mohammed Abacha and his brother Ibrahim opened accounts in the name of Mohammed Sani and Ibrahim Sani. Dedicated prosecutors in US Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative might as well take note.

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‎NGO trains 1000 vulnerable women, PLWHA on skills acquisition in Bauchi



A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Bauchi Rahma Women Development Programme has trained 1000 vulnerable women and persons living with HIV/AIDS on various skills acquisitions.

Mrs Miriam Iliya the Executive Director Rahma Women Development made this known at the inauguration of Board of trustees in Bauchi on Friday.

“We embarked on the trainings in collaboration with the support of some international partners, the training was conducted within the period of nine months.

“The NGO was committed to make the trainees to become employers of labour in the future and be self reliance.

“The beneficiaries includes the People Living with HIV/AIDs and other vulnerable women whom were trained on different skills acquisitions such as Tailoring, Knitting, Barbing, Hair dressing saloon, Pomade and soap making and baking.

“We also give counselling to (PLWHA) to let them know that being positive is not the end of their lives and also disabuse their mind on the stereotype,”she said.

She however reminded the newly inaugurated board members that they are the custodians of the NGO and always to ensure right things goes in the right direction.

Earlier speaking the the Chairman Board of Directors Rahma Women Development Alhaji Bello Inuwa said the NGO had implemented several projects through international partners in various sectors that impact positively to the lives of people of Bauchi state.

“We carry out interventions in different various sectors such as health, education, water sanitation and hygiene, and micro finance credit facilities to women,” he said

Bello urged government at all levels to support local NGOs to improve the lives of the citizens: nothing that is only the NGOs that interact much with the grass roots people for implementation of projects.

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School teacher assaulted, manhandled by officers at Mabushi station



A serving teacher with Dominion International School, Jabi, Abuja, Iorember Doolumun, recently reported that he was maimed by two men of the police force from Surveillance Unit, Mabushi Divisional Police Station while having breakfast in Gishiri Village.

Mr. Doolumun who revealed that he was still in a devastated mood, told journalist that he had only gone for a tea break in Gishiri Village when two armed men stormed the spot to order everyone to lie flat on the floor but despite his decent quest to ascertain the reason for such an assaultive invasion, he got loads of slaps and kick boots from the officers, who told him he was speaking too much grammar, noting that they were also graduates, before conveying him to the Gishiiri Police station in hand cuffs, to get two more slaps for explaining that he had asked a simple civil question.

He further disclosed that he was forced to append to a statement titled, ‘An assault on a police officer’, after which a fine of N10, 000 was paid by friends as ransome for his release, as he cautioned the federal government to quiz the status of such security men for the future of Nigeria, mostly as the 2019 elections are around the corner. He said:

“I went out to eat that morning at a spot in Gishiri village and it was barely minutes when I entered the place that two policemen from Surveillance Unit at Mabushi Divisional Police station invaded the restaurant and ordered everyone to lie flat on the floor.

“I politely asked why they had to assault innocent citizens but in response, they pounced on me with slaps on my ears and kickings all over, telling me they were also graduates before conveying me to the station, where the officer in-charge gave me two more slaps, saying I had assaulted police officers on duty.

“I was forced to write and sign a statement titled, ‘An assault on police officer’, before I was released on bail after payment of a N10, 000 as fine, and I can barely hear well with my ears even as I speak to you, and my limbs are even swollen from the battering.

“It’s very worrisome to think that these are the same supposed custodians of peace in the country and will be the ones to be used as security in the forthcoming elections.

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2019 Election: Journalist trained to combat fake news



In the wake of digital social media journalism, Journalist have been urged to play the role of gate keepers to effectively combat the on surge of fake news through fact finding method, also report for public good during the 2019 general elections.

While conducting two day training for journalist, INEC and civil societies, with the theme Combating fake news and Disinformation in the 2019 General Elections, the Center for Democracy and Development CDC noted that media practitioners must be accountable and verify their news content before sending it out to the general public.

In a paper presentation by the Publisher Premium Times, Mr. Dapo Olorunyomi titled Mutations in accountable Journalism, he noted that good journalism helps provide citizens with information they need to make informed decisions about their choices, about being free and about effectively self-governing.

Stressing on the integrity of media to earn the confidence of the public, he added that the primary aim of journalism is an expansion of public good which in the long run will improve the integrity of the journalistic process and media must ensure that they report the general election with good conscience.

“The public must have confidence in the credibility of the media otherwise we run the risk of totally undermining the practice of journalism. In an age without gatekeepers, the need for judgment has become paramount and this is the case for news literacy because what information to believe and which sources to trust have become even more prominent. We need urgent mechanisms to sort the truth as the truth itself has come into peril” he explained.

He however urged Journalist to be accountable, verify all news items, debunk all false information, fake news, fact check and observe balance reporting during the general election for the peace of the country within during and after the elections.

Also speaking was CDD Senior Communications Officer Mr. Armsfree Ajanaku who stated that the training on combating fake news became imminent as Nigerians counts down to the general elections.

“As Nigeria counts down to the general elections, The Center for Democracy and Development CDD is working to combat fake news capable of undermining the integrity of the electoral process. The discipline of fact checking becomes critical at this point in the electoral process when political actors and their supporters could be inclined to spread fake news and misinform to gain political advantage.

“The training is to develop the skills of our core fact checkers, journalist and electoral commission with the capacity to spot and dispel all forms of fake news, misinformation and disinformation capable to affecting the peace in our country” he explained.

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